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I. The Student Visa(X visa) has two Types

X visa is issued to those who study in China for over 6 months, and F visa for no more than 180 days.

II. Basic Requirements

- Current passport with at least 12 months of validity and at least one blank visa page.

- One completed and signed Visa Application Form (BG-01) with one additional passport photo (black & white or colorful).

- Form JW201 or JW202 issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education, and the admission letter from the university in China, both the original and one photocopy (the originals will be checked and returned to the applicant).

- Physical Examination Record for Foreigners, if the applicant intends to stay in China for more than 12 months. The record should be done by a qualified local hospital, notarized by a notary public, authenticated by the Foreign Ministry of Nigria, and authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate. For detailed information, please read Instructions on Authentication.

Please fill in the application form carefully, completely, and clearly. If not, it may lead to delay in process, or even decline of application.

III. Methods of Application & Process Time

- Applicants are required to appear in the visa office to apply. If an applicant cannot come personally, he/she may entrust a relative, friend to come and submit the application on his/her behalf. The Chinese Embassy and Consulates do not accept visa applications by mail.

- No appointment is necessary for visa applications.

- Regularly it takes 4 business days to process.

IV. Visa Fee, Validity, & Duration of Stay

- The regular fee for X visa is 5000 Naira per person.

- The applicant may request expedited process with the approval of consular officers. Additional 4000 Naira per visa for 2- or 3-business-day urgent process will be charged.

- Visa fee will be paid on the date of collection. Please pay at the Stanbic IBTC Bank opposite the Consulate General.

- The X visa is for single entry and valid for 3 months, with the duration of stay being "000 days after entry". The holder of X visa should enter China with 3 months of the issue date, and go through procedures for obtaining residence permit in the local public security bureau within 30 days of entry.


The validity, duration of stay, and number of entries of the Chinese visa are decided at the discretion of consular officers according to related Chinese laws and regulations. The consular officers have the authority to refuse any applications inconsistent with Chinese laws and regulations, and are entitled to change and /or revoke any issued visas, without providing any explanation.

All information listed above is subject to change, without notice, at the discretion and interpretation of the Chinese Embassy and Consulates General.

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