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News Agency of Nigeria Interviewed with Consul General Liu Kan

January 27th, Consul General Liu Kan gave an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria. During the interview, Consul General Liu answered the questions about China-Nigeria relations, visa policies, bilateral economic and trade cooperation between two countries. The main content of the interview is as follow

(1)How would you describe Nigeria and China's bilateral trade relations in 2014,and what volume of trade transaction would you say exchanged hands between Nigeria and China in 2014?

On the background of world economy integration, China’s trade relation with Nigeria has never been closer. Now as Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria is China’s third major export destination in Africa after South Africa and Angola. Meanwhile China is Nigeria’s largest source of imports and third major trade partner. According to China Customs, from January to November of 2014, the trade volume between China and Nigeria is 16.47 billion USD, increased by 35.84% over the same period in 2013. Every year thousands of Nigerian businessmen go to Canton fair looking for new opportunities and partners. And the commons are getting used to Chinese products with low price but good quality. Nigerian importers now can easily find Chinese manufacturers, suppliers and exporters on Alibaba.com. We should say that in 2014, the bilateral economic relationship between our two countries has reached a new level as we expected.

(2)How many Nigerians did your Consulate issued visas between January to December,2014,and which category of visas issued to them was highest?

With the development of the bilateral relationship between China and Nigeria, the people’s exchanges between both sides become more and more frequent. In 2014, the Consulate-General has issued more than 20,000 visas in total, increasing 12.5% as compared to 2013. The business visa was issued nearly 20,000,more than 3 times as compared to 2013.

(3)More Nigerians are willing to visit China this year for businesses and other purposes. Are there plans by your Government to simplify visas for Nigerians this year, 2015?.

In 2015,the Consulate-General will simplify the procedure for applying Chinese visas based on that of 2014. For example, we have used e-mail instead of express deliver to transmit the application materials for Hong Kong visas, shortening application time. We will take more measures to facilitate the people’s exchanges between two sides.

(4). What is your Government doing to increase China companies investment in Nigeria in this new year,2015, and how many new companies should we be expecting to come into Nigeria in this new year?

In Africa, Nigeria is now China’s third major investment destination. The Chinese investment in Nigeria is covering a wide range of industrial areas, including construction, manufacture, oil&gas, telecommunication, agriculture, real estate, and free trade zone, etc. In May 2014, President Jonathon and Prime Minister Li Keqiang had a broad and in-depth exchange of views on how to upgrade and expand our cooperation. And MOUs and agreements on telecommunication, construction, photovoltaics and mineral exploitation had been signed by our two countries’ entrepreneurs.

As for the new year, 2015, the Chinese government will continue to encourage and support competent Chinese companies to invest in Nigeria and conduct technology transfer and localization. We expect that Nigerian government will take more steps to offset the possibilities of compromising foreign investors’ personal or property safety. We don’t have exact statistics of how many Chinese companies will come to Nigeria this year. But based on the robust trend of trade exchanges between our two countries, the expectation can be set highly.

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